News & Notices

Notice Department Date In Effectsort ascending Details
Notice of Public Hearing - Zone Change for Oswego Road Codes / Planning / Zoning 04/30/2015 Details
Notice of Public Hearng - Stop Signage in Town Highway 04/30/2015 Details
Local Law Amending Zoning Local Law of 2015 Town Clerk 04/30/2015 Details
Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council Planning Meeting Town Supervisor 04/02/2015 Details
Town Board Work Sessions (2): Monday April 6 & Tuesday April 7 at 5:00 pm Town Board 03/30/2015 Details
Memorial Day Parade Announcement Town Supervisor 03/27/2015 Details
Town Board Work Session Scheduled for March 26 at 5 p.m. Town Board 03/09/2015 Details
Belgium-Cold Springs Fire District Notice Fire Department 03/03/2015 Details
Town Board Work Session 2-2-15 Town Board 02/02/2015 Details
Pay Taxes With Credit Cards Town Clerk 01/09/2015 Details
Notice Of Public Hearing On CLUP 2/9/15 Town Board 01/05/2015 Details
Sale Of Town Property Town Board 01/05/2015 Details
Pompo Woods Drainage District Town Board 01/05/2015 Details
Pompo Woods Sewer District Town Board 01/05/2015 Details
Resolution For Permissive Referendum Notice Town Board 01/05/2015 Details
2015 Water District Billing Rates Town Engineer 01/01/2015 Details
2015 Town Board Meeting Schedule Town Board 01/01/2015 Details
Christmas Tree Recycling Instructions Highway 12/29/2014 Details
Proposed Lysander Vehicle And Traffic Law Highway 12/15/2014 Details
2015 Town Of Lysander Adopted Budget Town Board 11/21/2014 Details
Seneca River FIre District Notice Fire Department 11/01/2014 Details
Notice Of Public Hearing 2015 Preliminary Budget Town Board 10/24/2014 Details
Notice Of Referendum Plain Fire Department Fire Department 10/21/2014 Details
Proposed Lamson Road Water District Public Information Meeting Presentation Town Engineer 06/16/2014 Details
Cody Fire Department Election Notice 03/10/2014 Details
Rt. 370 Service Area Map and Plan Town Board 05/01/2011 Details
Ext No. 1 Map Plan and Report Town Board 05/01/2011 Details
Whispering Oaks Sewer District Improvements Map and Plan Town Board 01/01/2011 Details